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This is the 36th Annual Autumn Daze Festival and Homecoming, an event which brings together thousands of people for fun, food and friendship. The three-fold purpose of this annual festival is to raise funds for St. Helena Parish and School, strengthen ties among parishioners and the community, and welcome new parishioners.
Miscellaneous Booths

Auction  - Volunteer Here
Attic Treasures / Plant Sale - Volunteer Here
Baskets - Volunteer Here
Book Sale - Volunteer Here 
Buttons (at Festival) - Volunteer Here
Cake Walk / Wine Walk - Volunteer Here 
Farmers Market - Volunteer Here
General Store Bonanza - Volunteer Here 
Harvest Gift Shoppe - Volunteer Here 
Pumpkin Patch - Volunteer Here
Toy Shoppe - Volunteer Here 
Wine Toss - Volunteer Here
Quilt Raffle  - Volunteer Here

Honey Booth - Volunteer Here

Gift Certificate Booth - Volunteer Here

Food Booths

Outside Food
Friday Night Fish Fry - Volunteer Here
Saturday - Volunteer Here
Sunday - Volunteer Here

Ice Cream Treats - Volunteer Here

Inside FoodVolunteer Here
Bingo Concessions - Volunteer Here
Caramel Rolls - Volunteer Here
Cotton Candy/Snow Cones - Volunteer Here
Desserts Inside - Volunteer Here
Gourmet Desserts - Volunteer Here
Kitchen Crew - Volunteer Here
Malted Milk - Volunteer Here

Games of Chance

Bingo - Volunteer Here

$5,000 Raffle - Volunteer Here
Archie's Game - Volunteer Here
ATV Game - Volunteer Here
Checker Board Darts - Volunteer Here
Money Wheel - Volunteer Here
Pull Tabs - Volunteer Here
On-Site Raffle Ticket Sales - Volunteer Here
Treasure Chest - Volunteer Here

Children's Games
Chocolate Tree - Volunteer Here
Duck Pond - Volunteer Here
Face Painting - Volunteer Here
International Speed Bump - Volunteer Here
Leap Frog - Volunteer Here
Lollipop Wheel - Volunteer Here
Plinko - Volunteer Here
Ride Tickets (Onsite) - Volunteer Here
Shoot for the Stars - Volunteer Here
Ticket Booth - Volunteer Here
Trick or Treat - Volunteer Here
Clown Face - Volunteer Here
Games of Skill

North Shore - Volunteer Here

Gravity Ball - Volunteer Here

Duck Shoot - Volunteer Here
Pop Toss - Volunteer Here
Milk Can Toss - Volunteer Here
Ping Pong Toss - Volunteer Here
Rubber-Band Shoot - Volunteer Here
Pancake Flip - Volunteer Here
Basketball Shoot - Volunteer Here
Marble Toss - Volunteer Here

Hammer Schwingen - Volunteer Here

Service Areas

Clean-Up - Volunteer Here
Information Booth - Volunteer Here
Parade - Volunteer Here
Security - Volunteer Here

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